What We Do

At Educationinc.com, our goal is to help connect students with the right college and degree programs that meet their specific needs. Prospective students will find a vast wealth of resources at their fingertips to help them not only compare various schools (community colleges, four year institutions, online/distance learning), but also various degree programs (certification programs, Associate’s Degrees, Bachelor’s Degrees, Master’s Degrees, PhDs). As the parent company of several sites, EducationInc.com has the proper tools and information available to help students find the right higher education program.

Bringing Two Sides Together

EducationInc.com doesn’t just help prospective students find the right degree program and college, we also focus on helping colleges and universities advertise their services directly to prospective individuals. Through various channels, students and institutions can contact EducationInc.com to make inquiries about services, advertise through the site, or work on business development.

Other Services

On EducationInc, prospective students will find search areas devoted to schools, online learning, and resources to assist them in their quest for higher education. The school section provides students with sponsored links to universities, colleges, and community colleges to help them in their search for a school. Those interested in distance learning will find an entire section devoted to researching online schools and degree programs. Students will also find sections devoted to scholarships, job searches, employment opportunities, and online training opportunities.

News and Information

Often, even the most detailed and informative websites can offer mediocre information. Deciding between degree programs and schools can be difficult for many individuals, especially those who are confused about their higher education goals. EducationInc.com provides a section devoted to press releases and informative articles designed to help students decipher and even point them toward degree programs that are of particular interest.

The quest for an advanced degree is an important decision for many reasons. It requires a significant financial investment from the student and will have a dramatic effect on not only the type of job an individual gets after school, but how successful they can become in their chosen career field. Wading into the world of higher education unprepared can be very confusing and lead to frustration or worse, the wrong degree and institution. That is why EducationInc is devoted to helping students sift through an ocean of information. Students can read and learn about any number of degree programs and then find the institution that provides them with what they are looking for, whether it is an online program or traditional university. Take the hassle out of searching for a degree program and visit EducationInc.com today!